Want to build your own small business website? The good news is that is has become easier in recent times. In 2020 there are many possible options depending on your circumstances. The route you take depends on your own specific requirements. Here we will cover the main options and the benefits of each approach.

Website builders

Website builders are tools which simplify the building of websites. These tools provide easy to use editors and drag and drop functionality. There is no need to edit any website code to build a basic site. There are many drag and drop website builders to choose from. They are most suited to smaller sites using only basic functionality. For more information please read our post on website builders.

Web Content Managment Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application used to manage, create and modify websites and other digital content. The most popular CMS on the internet today is WordPress. This is a free and open source application and is used widely for small business websites. For further details please see our post on getting started with WordPress.

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